Our Consultancy Services

KOEE provides a wide range of consultancy services for various clients including learning institutions, community groups including faith-based organisations, and corporate institutions. The aim is to promote increased understanding and adoption of holistic approaches to social, environmental and economic sustainability by businesses and other stakeholders. This is done through provision of relevant information, training and other capacity building services. The expected outcome is improved capacities of stakeholders to contribute towards the achievement of green growth in Kenya.

Sustainability Training and Consultancy

KOEE provides consultancy services on various aspects of sustainability in form of research, organizational capacity assessments, development and publication of training materials, among others. These are delivered by a combination of relevant internal KOEE staff as well as area experts from our pool of consultants.

Corporate Training and Consultancy

KOEE recognizes education, training and capacity building as a major avenue for meeting the skill demands of sustainable business and the green economy.  Kenya’s Green Economy Strategy Implementation Plan (GESIP) emphasises the need to re-orient education and training to instil knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to promote sustainable production and consumption for sustainable lifestyles. KOEE understands that companies’ performance and progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are increasingly linked to opportunities and risks driven by environmental and social trends – particularly climate change, demographic shifts and inequality. Skills for sustainable development are vital for business leadership, innovation and a productive, adaptable workforce. KOEE is enabling this shift to holistic Corporate Sustainability through bespoke competency-based tailored training courses, development of sustainability strategies with clear business cases, as well as design and implementation of responsive dynamic action-oriented projects.

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