On March 2020 all the schools were ordered by the Presidents to close down due to the outbreak of Covid 19 Pandemic. Makini school started virtual learning and our club was given a lesson in each class to advance the environmental activities.

Through collaboration with Kenya Organization Environmental Education (KOEE) experts Madam Lorraine and Danson, we came up with an overview of what to be taught mainly focusing on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They were very interactive sessions since even the learners took a centre stage in making the lessons very successful.

When classes 8 and form 4 candidates opened for physical learning we advanced  the environmental activities by ensuring that the school was clean, and free of litter. Members ensured Ministry of Health protocols were followed. Social distancing ,wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands among others was the order of the day. The school facilitated the exercise. They made it possible and achievable by putting many water points which had clean water and liquid soap within the school. Sanitizers and thermol guns were provided in each class. Dust bins for general wastes and for covid 19 infections waste were also provided. All the entrances of the school had compulsory temperature checks and hand washing items. Our members were on the  ground to supervise these exercises done  perfectly well.

In January 2021, the school re-opened for physical learning and the  larger group of the club  members joined the band  wagon. They ensured all wastes was collected and  put  in one point  but  infectious wastes was managed  differently. The same month of January the school received a donation of 12 litter bins from Kenya Organization Environmental Education (KOEE). The bins were labelled to cater for specific  wastes,  for example: Organic Waste (Green), plastics and packaging (RED), paper and cardboard (BLUE) and covid waste (YELLOW). This kind donation was received officially  by Academic Director Madam Angelica and Senior Headteacher Mr. John  Muriithi. Environmental members from both Primary and High school were represented by their leaders. These bins were later distributed to other sections of the school.


During the ceremony the outgoing members were awarded Certificates for their good work. They expressed their gratitude for what they had learnt about environmental conservation. They promised to continue with the same spirit  whenever they would go.

In her final report the Makini environment club cabinet secretary Nosim Konchellah thanked  the school management, the club Patron Mr George Waweru  and all the club  members  for the  opportunity they had given her to lead and for the co-operation they had  accorded her during  her tenure. Her predecessor Delcy Asienga who was present also expressed her gratitude for what she  acquired during  her tenure. She confirmed that after joining 

BrookHouse school she continued with the same spirit of conserving the environment. She promised to be an ambassador to her new school Rosemary Choate in United state where she is joining this year.

In conclusion, I appreciate and value all our stakeholders especially Kenya Organization Environmental Education (KOEE) experts for their immense contribution and assistance they have provided to nature our young environmentalists.

Long live Makini Environmental Club.

Compiled by  George Waweru (Patron and Coordinator) 

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