Are you a teacher or an educator wondering how to teach about climate change?

The innovative online course “Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action” developed by the Office for Climate Education (OCE) and hosted on the Foundation for Environmental Education’s (FEE) online learningplatform will help you develop solid scientific knowledge about this phenomenon, as well as pedagogical skills useful to tackling climate change in the classroom.

Through active pedagogies, you will learn more about climate and weather, the greenhouse effect, and the impacts of global warming. You will also get some tools about how to teach climate change in a meaningful and positive way. A special focus on some pedagogical approaches is also provided, presenting inquiry-based and project-based pedagogies, as well as some tips to take emotions into account when teaching climate change.

How can you enrol? 

Hosted on the FEE Academy platform, the online course “Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action” is accessible online and for free. By joining it, you’ll be part of an international community gathering teachers, educators and scientists. Registration to this online course gives you unlimited access to the platform, with resources available anywhere and anytime. Our self-paced course has been designed to adapt to teachers’ schedules and workloads.

To participate in this course, teachers and members of the education community can register for free by using this link: 


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