SECAM (Symposium of Episcopal conferences of Africa and Madagascar)  having recognized the importance of climate teachings for the church in Africa and beyond, was compelled to invest in a one week online training, organized by the Kenya organization for Environmental Education last week.SECAM’s Faith-based leaders from Ghana, Addis Ababa and other parts of Africa were trained by our Lead expert Dr. Dorcas Otieno on Natural resource conservation for our common home. 

The online training which begun on Tuesday last week and ended on Thursday enabled a collaborative spirit to learning about local environemental challenges and solutions.Since online training allows for use of videos, a number of climate action videos, virtual presentations and activities were used that led to a successful training. The Training Toolkit was developed by highly versed consultants and experts to assist the trainers with capacity to train Youth, in sermons and bible study messages. The Toolkit also offers knowledge for training various groups a wide range of information on training for trainer of trainers in Education for Sustainable development.

The SECAM Group which consisted of 13 active participants, who gave practical examples from their communities and parish on daily topics throughout the training session, will now be able to raise awareness of the target groups the train on environmental action related to climate change, Link spirituality with ESD (Education for sustainable development) and promote environemntal stewardship from a faith perspective. Basically the Toolkit will improve Faith Based partnerships with other stakeholders towards creating solutions for climate action.

A few SECAM Participants

The participants’ Global knowledge and skills were enhanced in the area of Natural Resource management and climate action for our common home.The activities have greatly equipped our trainers with new perspectives.

 Hopefully the training will trigger a positive change at the grassroot level through SECAM regional conferences.

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