The Global Forest Fund is a unique carbon compensation initiative developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education that allows businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by providing valuable resources and environmental education to communities around the world. Our web platform allows travellers to calculate their carbon emissions across a range of transport options, and compensate for those emissions by investing in projects that have a real and lasting positive impact on the environment. Global Forest Fund projects are designed to capture carbon, restore nature, protect biodiversity, promote sustainable communities and educate the next generation of environmental leaders.

The “Tree Planting as a Pathway to Green Growth and Sustainability” project will run from November 2020 – November 2023 and involves over 1.500 students and 50 teachers from Muthurwa Primary School and Githiga Boys High School.

The key objectives of the project are to

  1. Increase awareness among students on the importance of trees in mitigating the impacts of climate change and improving livelihoods.
  2. Encourage tree planting in schools and community as a strategy for soil and water conservation
  3. Promote integrated forest resource management and development of forest-based enterprises among young people

Improve the understanding of the role of trees in environmental management among students

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