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Eco-schools Program and Poverty Reduction

By David Wandabi – Programs Officer – Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) & Eco-schools Coordinator, KOEE Educational changes necessary for poverty reduction should not only be content-related but require approaches to teaching and learning that are transformative, community-engaged and relevant to contemporary and future societies- quality education (UNESCO, 2013).  Such changes need to be infused by […]

The Evolution of Corporate Sustainability in Kenya

By Lorraine Dixon Business, Environment and Sustainability Specialist – KOEE Against the backdrop of a shrinking natural resource base and societies shackled by inequality, the role of business in helping to drive sustainable development is under more scrutiny than ever before.The engagement of business with sustainability first began through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There is […]

From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals

By Ojuka Vincent Ochieng  Department of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) – KOEE The global community, under the leadership of the United Nations (UN), developed the millennium development goals (MDGs) in the year 2000 in order to address most of the prevalent world challenges including hunger, diseases and gender equality among others. These goals were […]

The killer weed – Cuscuta Japonica

By Ojuka Vincent Ochieng  Department of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) – KOEE One of the current emerging environmental challenges globally is invasive species and their associated impacts. A species is considered to be  invasive if it has been introduced by human action to a location, area, or region where it did not previously occur naturally […]


Introduction  The International Youth Day (IYD) is observed annually on 12thAugust. It is meant as an opportunity for governments, corporates, private sector and other societal entities to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. During IYD, concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organizations take place around the world. […]

Turning Plastics into Useful Resources

Brookhouse School Brookhouse School has been one of the pioneer international schools in the Eco-schools Kenya programme. The school joined the Eco-schools Kenya back in 2010. Since then it has been a trailblazer in terms of promoting sustainability in schools and especially among international schools in Kenya. The school has been part of Eco-schools Litter […]

Green Bonds: Innovative Financing for a Low-carbon Transition

By Lorraine Dixon Business, Environment and Sustainability Specialist – KOEE Combating climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, requiring far more financing than governments alone can provide.  Climate change is increasingly viewed as a business opportunity, opening many profitable ways for investors to help protect the planet. Kenya’s Green Economy Strategy and […]